Knit Pattern | Marled Cowl


This Marled Cowl is a perfect project for stash busting some yarn! You can customize colors, yarns, and sizing to get rid of whatever yarn you need! The cowl came about after I had some leftover Christis’ Choice Super Softspun Alpaca Tweed yarn from a cardigan I knit. I wanted to use the yarn but make something a little sturdier with it, so I paired it with some leftover Red Heart Acrylic Yarn I’d had forever. The softness of the alpaca pairs really well and levels up the acrylic yarn so it is a much more luxurious fiber than if I would have just used the acrylic on its own. It’s light, soft, and most of all warm!



The cowl’s rolled edges make it flexible for all types of weather. It sits loosely on the neck, so you can wear it rolled up for a more casual look, or unroll the edges so it stands up more to provide more full coverage and warmth.


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