Crochet Pattern | Silas Summer Baby Blanket


The Silas Summer Baby Blanket is the perfect gift for any new little one! It is approximately 32″ x 34″, so big enough for swaddling but also big enough for tummy time. It only uses two stitches and has a simple border, which adds a finished touch to the piece. While the pattern calls for tencel yarn, any medium weight yarn will do. The pattern is a wonderful project for any beginner, or any crocheter looking for some mindless meditative stitching.




The crochet pattern for this baby blanket was featured in the blog Hooked on Homemade Happiness, as a part of a 2021 Summer Guest Designer Roundup. I also wrote a blog post telling more about the story behind this blanket, and who I designed it for. Feel free to hop over to the blog to read that story!

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