The Best Gifts for Gardeners, Bakers, Homesteaders, and Makers

Here we are! It’s Christmas time already, and trust me, I’m more surprised than any of you because that means baby #2 is coming in a little over a month! In honor of the most wonderful time of the year, I wanted to create a gift guide to share some of the best gifts for the gardeners, bakers, homesteaders, and makers in your life! Also, these could be some great things to add to your own Christmas list 🙂

Choosing the Perfect Gift

By no means is buying a fancy or expensive gift necessary. I personally value handmade or well-thought simple gifts more than any material item I can give or receive. I also much prefer something that’s practical and useful, rather than superfluous. That being said, there are some practical pieces that can also make great gifts, and some that can even be passed down from generation to generation. When creating these gift guides I tried my best to keep these things in mind, and also to find a few things at different price points for different budgets.

Without Further Adieu… Let’s Get Started!

I’ve put together some lists of gifts I think your fellow gardener, baker, homesteader, and maker would love! I tried to keep each list to five to seven items so they weren’t overwhelming, and I also tried to keep the lists to things I have and love, or don’t have and would love to get gifted myself. I hope you find these lists helpful and get the ball rolling for a wonderful Christmas!

*FYI these links are all Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase one of these gifts through the link I’ve provided, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. I use these commissions to help further our homestead, and to continue making content that hopefully educates and encourages you in your own homesteading journey, so thank you in advance for your support!

The Gardener

Harvest Basket – I harvest veggies with all kinds of things. Bowls, pots, hands, you name it. But I got a big garden harvest basket last year for Christmas, and it was the HIGHLIGHT of my Christmas! It’s a practical and beautiful, and will make any gardener feel whimsical about next season’s harvest.

Pruning Shears – A great pair of shears will always be appreciated. Even if your gardener already has a pair, I can tell you they’ll need an extra because they get lost, left in the garden, and misplaced all the time. I love these wooden ones because they fit nicely in my hands, and work really well without me having to be super strong.

Apron – I love looking cute, even while getting my hands dirty. This apron is super cute, but it’s also easy to put on and has great big pockets for holding tools, veggies, and seeds.

Apron – Another one! I love the ruffles and feminine touches on this one. Plus, the color selection is gorgeous!

Xtratuf Boots – I don’t have a pair of these (yet), but I know from many people that they are super reliable, and a worthy investment if you are working in the garden often. My favorite thing about them is the pull tab on the front and back, so you can slip them on and off easily. We track mud and hay in our house all the time because we have to run in real quick to grab something, so being able to take these shoes off fast would save a bunch of cleaning inside as well!

The Baker

Measuring Spoons – I just got these magnetic measuring spoons for my birthday, and they are GREAT! They’d make a perfect stocking stuffer for the baker or cook in your family.

Banneton – Every sourdough lover needs a good banneton.  I’ve made sourdough in all different types of bowls, and bannetons just work differently. They allow the bread to rest without getting stuck on the bottom, and help the loaf keep it’s shape during rising. I love this one because it comes with a bonus bench scraper as well!

Lame – The only way to get beautiful scoring patterns on your bread! I’ve asked for one of these a couple years in a row now and still haven’t gotten it! I might just gift it to myself, because I want to get better at scoring my loaves!

Success! You're on the list.

Dutch Oven – A great kitchen staple in general, but a good dutch oven makes the perfect artisan sourdough loaf. It can handle super high heat, and also looks beautiful on the counter. I use mine all the time for breads, slow cooking, braising, you name it!

Bench Scraper – Another perfect stocking stuffer! Bench scrapers make working with sticky doughs so much easier, and also make cutting dough for rolls, english muffins, etc. a breeze.

Pastry Cutter – For a long time I thought a pastry cutter was unnecessary. I’d just use a big fork to break up butter when making biscuits or pie crust, but let me tell you your hand gets tired real fast. A pastry cutter works so much smoother and better, and allows you to break up and mix in your butter so much more efficiently! Plus, the handle and rocking motion make it so much less tiring. I guarantee you someone you know is putting off getting one of these because “they don’t need it…” Get them one this year and make their day!

A Pause for Handmade Gifts

Like I said early on, handmade gifts are so meaningful, and will make memories for your loved ones more than any material object. If you aren’t a maker yourself, feel free to visit my shop, where you can buy lovingly crafted items made by hand. Supporting small businesses in your town is a great way to give the gift of handmade without having to put in the time yourself!

The Homesteader

Vacuum Sealer – We just finally bit the bullet and bought one for ourself. With rabbit harvests in our future, and my husband starting to take up hunting, it is super handy to have a way to seal the meat we’re going to put in our freezer. I plan on using it next garden season for all my green beens too! It just saves space in the freezer, and keeps things from getting freezer burn so easily.

Dehydrator – Another great preservation tool. You can use your dehydrator to make jerky, dried fruit, and dried herbs, among all kinds of other things. Especially if you’re cooking from scratch a lot, you’ll want to keep your oven free for bread, dinner, etc. so it’s nice to have a separate unit you can use to dry things.

Meat Grinder Kitchen Aid Attachment – Even if you don’t raise your own meat, having a meat grinder is super helpful on the homestead. We bought a quarter cow this past summer and have been able to grind our own hamburger. My husband also just put a deer in our freezer, and we hope to make some of it into sausage. Having a meat grinder just really opens up your options, and allows you to make exactly what you want!

Pressure Canner – I just got this pressure canner for my birthday, and I am so so so excited to use it. I’ve become pretty used to water bath canning, but there are some veggies, as well as meats and broth that just aren’t safe unless pressure canned. If you know someone who’s really wanting to preserve every bit of their harvest, this is perfect!

Pour Over Kettle – I don’t know if it’s over the top, but we even like to make our coffee the slow way, by doing pour over. I’ve never had a better cup of coffee, and I honestly feel disappointed at a lot of coffee shops since getting our pour over set up. This kettle is perfect for that nice even pour, but I also love to use it for warming up water for anything!

Pour Over Dripper – The second part (of three) of our pour over set up. I love the red handle, which adds a little pizzazz!

Pour Over Coffee Server – Last but not least, our little coffee carafe! Watching coffee drip down into this glass server each morning while I wake up is one of my favorite parts of our morning routine. It’s a simple, yet satisfying activity, and being able to see the coffee as it brews is all the more lovely.

Yeti Mug – Not just for homesteaders, but still super useful! I love my Yeti mug so much! It keeps my coffee hot all day long, which is great when I’m out in the garden working, or just chasing around a toddler 🙂 Plus, since it’s steel, I don’t worry if it falls or gets beat up a bit.

The Maker

Yarn Bowl – There’s nothing more annoying than working on a knitting or crochet project, only to have your yarn roll off the couch or your lap, across the room. This yarn bowl keeps the yarn in one place, and looks beautiful stored on the shelf as well!

Project Bags – I don’t know any makers out there who have just one project going on at a time. Having some project bags that you can dedicate to each WIP is super helpful in maintaining the chaos (a little)!

Furls Teak Hook – This type of crochet hook is super luxurious and would make any crocheter in your life feel super special! I love working on projects with it because the handle is nice and ergonomic, so it sits comfortably in my hand, whereas other aluminum hooks can get tiring to hold after a while.

Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles – These are my absolute FAVORITE needles to knit with! I use them for everything, because they have everything you need! All different size needles and cables, and the bamboo allows yarn to glide smoothly without slipping all over the place like metal needles. They are a bit of an investment, but they would be a really lovely gift for the serious knitter in your life.

Patterns – These would be a fun digital stocking stuffer for your maker friends and family. They are super affordable, and could pair great with a couple skeins of yarn. You could custom create a little crochet or knit kit, providing them with tons of fun even after opening your gift!

Happy Shopping!

I hope this gift guide gave you some ideas, or at least jumping off points for the gardener, baker, homesteader, and maker in your life! Comment down below what gifts you’re adding to your list, or other gifts I didn’t mention here! I wish you the merriest Christmas, and the happiest New Year!

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