sturdy crocheted basket

The Bird’s Nest Basket: A Truly Sturdy Crocheted Basket!

I’ve seen cute crocheted baskets all over Pinterest for years. Everyone’s got their version, and I really love them all! Except for one thing. They are so stinkin’ flimsy! The pictures make them look nice and sturdy, but in reality, they flop all over the place. So I took it upon myself to make a […]

crochet koozie

FREE CROCHET PATTERN: The Patriot Koozie (Perfect for the 4th!)

The Patriot Koozie is something new for me. I never used to be a fan of “koozies.” I don’t like the name (I don’t know why, lol), and I don’t like those foam things you normally see people using! I think they’re just tacky. But… after a series of events, here we are: a koozie […]