Homestead Month in Review: April

March was a bit crazy, but we’re back with another month in review from our homestead! I’ll be sharing what we accomplished, recipes I tried, new and finished knitting/ crochet projects, as well as what we’ve learned. I hope you learn something and feel encouraged!

What We Accomplished

This month was all about the garden. With frosts becoming less common and less severe, we kept an eye on the weather and got things out in the garden as soon as we thought it was safe. We got more seeds started, hardened off some starts, and got somethings transplanted as well. I’ll detail a list of what we planted below.

Seeds started:

April 1 – Kohlrabi, Kale, Dill, Blackeyed Susans, Calendula, Parsley, Ground Cherries, Dwarf Tomatoes, Sun Sugar Tomatoes

April 8 – Thai Basil, Genovese Basil, Purple Opal Basil, Zinnias, Bee Balm

April 18 – Borage, Watermelon, Cilantro, Bells of Ireland, Swiss Chard, Sorrel, Strawberry Spinach

Hardened off/ Transplanted: Brassicas, Kohlrabi, Kale, Dill, and Marigolds

I used my greenhouse to harden things off and keep them warm in the cool nights.

Bunny Update

We bred our second doe Flossy, and she kindled with four kits on April 21st. Unfortunately one died within the first week of life. We’re not sure exactly what happened, but it could have either had something wrong with it or just been the runt of the litter. But the other three are strong and growing fast!

Our first litter from Flora is now six weeks old! They are big snowballs and we are finishing up the month by putting together some new cages and building them a rabbit tractor so they can get out in the yard and have some more space. Poor Mama is getting crowded!

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Recipes Tried

We just confirmed my daughter is allergic to tree nuts and cow’s milk, and my husband is on a gut healing diet at the moment, so our diet has been a little out of the ordinary lately. That being said, we’ve been finding different ways to get that sweet treat fix, and I found the most delicious Vegan Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies! They remind me of those Lace Cookies that you might have had when you were younger. They are chewy, sugary, and super tasty!


I finished and mailed off the crochet dress I’d been working on. I decided to name the design the Maeve Dress, after the little lady who received it first! The design is currently in testing, and will be released as a design on my shop in mid-June. Send me an email if you are interested in testing!

Also, I’ve started work on a new baby design… I guess it’s just the company I’m keeping these days 🙂 It’s a tank top and shorts set, made with K+C Essential Cotton from JoAnn Fabrics. The yarn is an absolute dream to work with, and the design is coming along swimmingly! If the shorts are any indication, think it will be a great summertime getup!

What We Learned

This was a big one… We learned how NOT to use a greenhouse! It was an honest mistake, really. One morning we were all in a rush to get out the door and I forgot to open up the greenhouse for the day. It ended up reaching about 83° F that day… so as you can imagine my seedlings did not fare well. Unfortunately, my San Marzano tomatoes, Great White tomatoes, and Gobstopper tomatoes were all in that greenhouse, as well as all of my peppers (hot and sweet). They all got fried.

Despite my disappointment and frustration at that setback, I started more tomatoes and peppers to try and get some plants going at least. While I might not get the longest harvest ever, I should be able to still get something out of them. Fingers crossed!

What’s next?

Next month we’ll be harvesting our first batch of meat rabbits, getting more things in the garden, and finishing up some more crochet and knitting projects! Keep in touch and follow along to see what’s happening on the homestead!