5 Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make Right Now!

Mother’s Day will be upon us before we know it, and I know we all struggle to get the mothers in our life the perfect gift; so I’ve got some easy handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas for you! Whether you are a master at making things by hand, new to the idea, or have a little one who needs to give their mama some lovin’, these ideas will help you fit the bill.

When you think of Mother’s Day gifts, (or at least when I think of them) there’s always the typical flowers and a card, or candle. Maybe you splurge and get them a trip to the spa or something. These gifts are lovely, but how can we spice them up a bit? Make them more memorable? Keep reading!

Handmade Gift Idea #1: A bouquet of flowers you foraged/ cut yourself!

This idea is so sweet! Handmade bouquets can be absolutely gorgeous, and even if you’re not the most talented florist, flowers are pretty no matter what 🙂 And you know what is probably the most adorable thing on the planet? Taking your little one out to pick a bouquet of dandelions for their mama. *cue the Awwwwws, am I right?*

Fresh cut flowers

Hand cut, hand foraged flowers are so beautiful, wild, and unique. Plus, they’re FREE! You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make a memorable gift for your Mother’s Day. You just need a little time.

Another thing that is wonderful about this idea is that whether you are making the bouquet yourself, or taking a little person on a flower picking adventure, you get to make a memory of the experience as well. You might spot a cute bunny or a baby deer while you’re searching for flowers, and then when you gift the bouquet, you have a story to tell as well!

Handmade Gift Idea #2: Matching “Mommy & Me” Anything 🙂

I know Mommy & Me things are kind of cliche, but as a new mom myself, anything that I can wear and match my little girl is just so much fun! This is a perfect gift idea for your new mom friends, or you and your mom!

Depending on your preferred method, you can sew, knit, or crochet matching dresses, sweaters, or accessories. I love headbands, so I designed a crochet pattern for my very own Mommy & Me headbands. The color options/ combinations are endless, and are easily customizable to exactly what your mama would love!

If you are new to sewing/ fiber arts, don’t worry. Crocheting (in my opinion) is super easy to learn and you can make things right away! I designed the Charlie Z Mommy & Me Headband set with beginners in mind, because it only uses single crochet stitches and chains.

If you make yourself a set of the Charlie Z Mommy & Me headbands, tag me in your pictures! I’d love to see your creations 🙂

Handmade Gift Idea #3: A DIY Spa Kit!

This one is so good, I just might do it for myself…

We know how hard moms work to keep the house clean, the kids fed and happy, and life from basically falling apart. And we also know that in the process of doing all these things, they very rarely treat themselves to a nice massage, or any “me” time at all.

The best gift you can give the mom in your life sometimes is a little peace and quiet. Just some time for herself. A trip to a fancy spa can be expensive, though. And nowadays, you might not want to go somewhere a bunch of other people have been/ are.

Making a DIY Spa kit is GREAT because it’s affordable, customizable, and safe! You can do it right in your very own home. Get your mama some nice handmade soap from your local farmer’s market (if your farmer’s market doesn’t sell soap, or God forbid you don’t have access to a market, go on Etsy!), make her a washcloth (get the FREE Mother’s Day Washcloth crochet pattern here!), run her a warm bath, and take the kids out for ice cream! Wanna really get on her good side? Throw in her favorite bottle of wine or a nice scented candle to add to the relaxing atmosphere.

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Handmade Gift Idea #4: Something Sweet

Our moms are sweet enough, right? 🙂 Lol but in all seriousness, baking a sweet treat for (or WITH) your mama is a great idea for a gift! If she likes to bake, it can be a great way to spend time together and bond, or if she doesn’t, then she gets to reap the rewards of all your hard work!

I happen to love baking, and eating sweet treats, so here are a few things I’ve made in the past that I think could be delicious! I will say, the majority of time I try to find “healthy” versions of sweet treats, but these are not them, lol. On special occasions like birthdays, holidays, etc. I really like to enjoy myself and indulge. It’s not bad to eat these things once in a while! Just not all the time… 🙂

  • Raspberry Lemon Scones – I’ve made these scones many many many times, and they have never disappointed. Whilie some scones can be dry and crumbly, these are moist, buttery and flaky, and so unbelievably delicious. Also, if you’ve never baked before, don’t be afraid to try these out. Scones are pretty foolproof, and they don’t take a ton of time. No rising, kneading, nothing. Just mix, shape, and bake. And then devour. Yum!
  • Molasses Cookies – Ok, I know these are normally a Christmas cookie, and yes, I linked the North Pole’s website for the recipe… but I promise you these molasses cookies are perfect for any time of year! If your mom doesn’t like pastries so much, these are the perfect partner to a glass of cold milk, a cup of hot coffee or tea, whatever she drinks the most. And they keep super well, so you’ll have plenty of snacks for the week after Mother’s Day! If you don’t eat them all up, of course.
  • Raspberry Sweet Rolls – These things are stupid. Like STUPID good. I made these a few months back for a From Scratch Adventure on Instagram, and they were absolutely ridiculous. Think cinnamon roll, but bigger, fluffier, and not so cloyingly sweet. I’m a fan of a little tartness with my sweet things (hence the raspberry flavored things), and this delivers big time. If you have a bit more time on your hands, are comfortable letting things rise and roll, then you’ve gotta give this one a try!
  • Blueberry Cupcakes with Lemon Curd Filling – If you really want to wow your mom, then make these delectable blueberry muffins with a lemon curd filling. I made these for my husband’s birthday a few years ago, and ohmygosh were they good! If you’ve never had a true lemon curd, it is SO worth it to try. It’s easy, delicious, and like I said with the Raspberry sweet rolls, adds a tart component to a sweet cupcake which makes it a little too easy to eat more than one.

Handmade Gift Idea #5: Breakfast in Bed

The last handmade gift idea I have for you is a classic. Make your mama breakfast in bed. Let her sleep in or enjoy some quiet time while you and the little ones whip up some waffles, eggs, bacon, coffee, and maybe one of the sweet treats from Idea #4 (above).

This is a lovely way to start her day, and really pamper her. Plus, you get to enjoy the spoils of your work too!

You can get one of those fancy wooden trays, add a nice little vase with some fresh flowers (from Idea #1), and then decorate her plate with all the fixins. Each kiddo can have a job of their own, too, which will make it special for them! So while you are cooking, they can work on the flowers, put exorbitant amounts of whipped cream on her waffles… you get the picture 🙂

All in all, I think these are 5 really great handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas for your favorite mom. I hope you try one (or all!) of them, and let me know how it goes! Tag @sweetgumspot on Instagram to show off how your handmade gifts came together, and comment down below which gift idea you like best, and what your plans are for celebrating the most important ladies in our life <3

With love and happiness,


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