fertilize your garden

The Best Ways You Can Fertilize Your Garden

Fertilizing your garden is one of those things you might think about in a general sense, but not really know what it entails. I used to just think all fertilizer was the same and it didn’t matter which one I used. Heck, before that I thought you didn’t even need to fertilize! My plants soon […]

How Gardening Changed My Life & Made Me a Better Person

Gardening changed my life. And it can change yours too. I’m not being cheesy or overly dramatic. Growing things has truly, 100%, fundamentally changed how I live my life and the perspective I have on the world. It’s impact has been so great that I feel not only compelled, but obligated to tell you about […]

Growing Your Own Food

The perfect time to start growing your own food?

Last week, I went to the grocery store for my weekly stock up on food. But when I showed up, I was shocked… Every single shelf was barren. Picked over. No berries, no bananas, no cabbage. No bread, no eggs, and no meat. Was this is it? Had the supply chain shortages really gotten that […]

10 Reasons to Start Living a Self Sufficient Lifestyle Right Now

Homesteading, a self sufficient lifestyle, sustainable living… it goes by many different names, but it all boils down to the same thing: providing the resources you and your family need to survive on your own land. If you’ve read any blog posts, watched any YouTube videos or listened to any podcasts about homesteading and self […]